Monday, January 17, 2011

The only good ninja is a dead ninja.

Ninjas make me sick. I'll slap one in the face right now. Goofy looking, sneaky little fuckheads. From now on every ninja I see is going to get punched out and stomped into the fucking ground. Going around at night in a mask is for chickenshits and Batman. Let me get my hands around any ninja's throat during the day and we'll see. Look him right in his beady little eyes glaring back from his stupid mask while I crush his neck like a banana. Then I'll steal his wallet and go fuck his old lady. Only if she wants to. She probably will. Any woman who has been fucking a ninja for any length of time will be desperate for somebody with balls.

The only thing I hate worse than a cowardly ninja is a chimp.
Hey, lardass! You can wipe that stupid grin off your face because your days are numbered.

I'm racist against chimps and I'm not ashamed to admit it. They're all nothing but ugly, grubby, degenerate retards. I'll kick any chimp's ass. Dana White should put me in the octagon with a chimp. I'll push his face into the fence and drag it across like a cheese grater. I have yet to meet a chimp who wasn't an asshole and didn't deserve to get beat down.I'm just waiting for the opportunity to catch one walking around by himself. I'll powerbomb him right onto a fire hydrant.

Better walk away, motherfucker.

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