Friday, July 27, 2012

Lets nuke the moon.

I'm watching (well, listening to) youtube videos about the moon right now. Conspiracy theories about what the moon might actually be. An elaborate spaceship, a broken off chunk of the Earth, an artificial, hollow "Noah's Ark of intelligence," a base of operation for alien observers, etc.
I've always just assumed that the moon has always been there. There's never been any mention that I know of throughout history that the moon wasn't there at any point or that it just showed up.
Why does the moon exist? Is there some reason for it? Does its gravity somehow help maintain Earth's orbit around or distance from the sun? What does the other side of it look like?
I think we should nuke the moon. Why not? What better way to establish our dominance over the entire universe than to destroy such a recogiseable part of it? Fuck the moon. I want it gone, now.

Best thing I've seen on Youtube in a long time.

I was a big Punisher fan growing up. It wasn't the realism of the character so much as the violence that I liked about it, although the realism was a big part of it as well. I liked Batman too but Batman seemed like an easier character to write. He has limitless funds and a gadget for every occasion. The Punisher was like ghetto Batman. He would use his enemies' own tactics against them, steal their money after they were dead, etc. I liked that he wouldn't hold back and just thought nothing of killing anyone he thought was a bad guy.

The problem with The Punisher was that he was plagued, for the most part, with shitty writers and shittier artists. Every once in a while there would be a period of a few months or a year or so where the writing and art would just click and it would be awesome. For a while though he had different writers and artists every month. It was like Marvel didn't give a shit and wanted to keep their big money talent where the big money was; Spiderman and mutants.

Fuck mutants. They're the shittiest comic book characters there ever were. I liked Wolverine and I even liked Cable for a little while but fuck, any asshole can create a mutant chracter. They were churning them out like Pez back in the 90s. Probably still are. There's no need for any origin or backstory, the character is just born with superpowers and that's it. Fuck off. Lazy ass writers. Most of those chracters were so one-dimensional that you didn't give a shit about them anyway. There were so many characters in X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force and X-Whatever The Fuck Else that I never even knew most of their names. They were their superpowers and nothing else. They were bullshit.

Anyway, every once in a while there would be some one off short story with The Punisher in it, an annual or a summer special or something like that, that would have him doing something totally mundane like waiting in line or something and trying to mind his own business. Some group of assholes would inevitably start fucking with him or doing something to offend him and he'd try to remain calm for as long as he could. Then of course by the end of the story he'd get so pissed off that he'd go into Punisher mode and fuck everybody up. That's what this video reminded me of. Just a random episode the life of a vigilante. Fucking great.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Why does everything in the world fit together so well? We've got this whole "ecosystem" going on where everything in it serves some kind of purpose towards the greater good of the collective system as a whole. Apparently anyway. If the existence of life in general is a random occurence, why aren't there a bunch of random lifeforms that serve no purpose at all? Just exist randomly for no reason. I'm curious about this.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Someone pointed out to me recently (not that this is the first time it's been pointed out to me) that many violent criminals are Christians. This alledgedly shows that all Christians are hypocrites who think they can do whatever they want in life and then claim to accept Jesus at the very last minute and go to Heaven anyway, despite being  pieces of shit their entire lives. It was also pointed out to me that "all" wars are based on religion (Christianity apparently being the worst of the bunch). This of course was brought forward as evidence that religions are all wrong, evil and should be done away with.


Well, I don't think it takes an exceptional IQ to realise that if humans didn't fight over religion they'd just fight over something else so that's too retarded to even bother getting into.

Many atrocities have been commited in the name of God, Jesus, Mohammed, etc. That's not their fault.

As far as violent criminals go, that's true. A lot of them do turn to spritualty in an attempt to make up for what they've done wrong in life. Why this is seen as a bad thing, I don't know. In any case, claiming to find Jesus on one's deathbed won't, in itself, get anyone into Heaven. The person would have to actually mean it for it to mean anything. Faith can't be faked. Not when it counts anyway.
And yes, there are some violent criminals who've been Christians the entire time and ended up in prison for violent crimes despite the fact that they should have known better. Whatever. Violent people are everywhere and most of them, at some point, get caught and have to do some time for it.

But lets go with this idea that religions should be done away with because of the violent people associated with them because apparently an Atheist society is going to be so much better off than the steaming shitpile we've got going on now...

I suggest we start by doing a census in every prison. Find out what the most common religions are and get rid of them first. I honestly don't think that will eradicate violence though. Maybe I'm wrong but why stop with religion? There's probably a lot more shit that violent criminals have in common. Racial background will inevitably come up. Tastes in music. Hell, even their most popular favourite colour should be outlawed. I might mention single parent homes except that I grew up in one myself and don't want to throw myself under the bus. That might just be me being selfish though so fuck it; single parent homes should be against the law too. We'll probably find a whole lot more evidence of what causes violent behavior but once we get rid of all of it I'm sure we'll all be a whole lot better off.

At least we know where to start: Big Bad Religion. Because people shouldn't be told what to think. Unless they're being told to be Atheists, which is apparently okay.