Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vince Gironda was a goof.

His methods are used by chickenshits as an excuse to piddle around with light weights and stay the same size.


  1. Incidentally there's this geek who recently started working out to "best" me that idolizes Vince Delmonte.

  2. I'd never even heard of that clown until I googled him just. Looks like another retard.

  3. Listen to the two pathetic gym rats totally out of touch with reality, like a reverse anorexic. News flash......99.9 percent of the population laugh at gym rats like you ,and think you look like shit. Mainly ugly, short, insecure fuckers who think that taking steroids and building ugly un proportionate muscle will get them laid and make people like them. lol sad bastards. Vince Gironda and Steve Reeves had what you guys will never have, a great natural physique, admired by all. Keep lifting, nothing will change....