Thursday, August 29, 2013


Sapiosexuality is a fetish that I see more and more people on Facebook claiming to have. Some of them might even make believe they have it in real life; I don't know. It apparently means that you're sexually aroused by intelligence, whatever the fuck that means. That's probably not the stupidest thing I've ever heard but lets face it, it's definitely up there. What I think is that people are posting this with the hope that they themselves will be seen as intelligent by default. And they want all the "intelligent" people on their "friends" lists to Like it so that they too can pass themselves off as intelligent.

 "Hey, everybody! I'm really smart over here! 
I fucking love science and everything! 
Like this post if you also feel like I'm (I mean you're) really, really smart too!"

For some reason this reminds me of the slutty, duck faced selfie-whores that pretend they're into "geeks" by posting skanky pictures of themselves wearing glasses or  posing next to some kind of Star Wars or video-game paraphernalia. These douchebags aren't into geeks. They just know that geeks make very easy targets. The word geek isn't even used properly anymore. It used to mean someone who was so awkward and/or ugly that he or she was socially intolerable. Now it just means someone who is kind of cute, possibly somewhat introverted, and maintains a strong attachment to all the stuff they used when they were kids as a substitute for actual human interaction. Toys, comic books, video games, movies, etc. It's cool to be a geek nowadays, so long as you've got the right looks, fashion sense, etiquette, wit, charm and politically correct opinions. It's no different from being part of any other clique. "Geek" is a social statement now. The people we used to call geeks are even worse off now then they were 20 years ago. They're completely off the social radar. They may as well not even exist. That's not entirely true. The reality is that they're the ones running and maintaining the media that keeps our modern, popular "geeks" in contact with each other. They're also the ones who fucking do science instead of just "fucking loving" it, for whatever that might be worth.

Anyway my guess is that sapiosexuality probably wasn't even a word 10 years ago and is, at present, something that only exists online.

So I'm actually expected to believe that anyone is legitimately turned on by intelligence? Like if your waitress can add up the bill in her head, Rain Man style, you're gonna pop a boner even if she's really ugly? Fuck off with that. I guess you jerk off to university lectures instead of porn too. Claiming to be sexually aroused by something is not the same thing as being attracted to it. Attraction I could see. Like if your waitress is really pretty and then she adds up the bill in her head and you think, "Wow, she's smart too! I should ask her out."
The arousal thing, on the other hand, would be creepy and weird in real life. Get the fuck over yourselves already.

Her actual boyfriend would happily beat the shit out of you just to make his buddies laugh. 
She would happily watch.

Well let me tell you something. If sapiosexuality was a real thing I would definitely have it. I am that fucking smart. I'm so God damned smart I would only be attracted to women with quadruple digit IQs who spoke multiple languages that I can't even understand. I'd have a whole harem of these bitches because I'm so fucking smart that just one woman genius would never be enough for me. I wouldn't even be interested in physical intercourse at all. We would just sit around next to a huge fireplace reading books and discussing everything we hate about movies while we masturbated to the rhythm of classical music until the floor was flooded up to our ankles in cum. I'd be the most sapiosexual motherfucker around.


  1. As a scientist, nerds (or geeks, probably not squares though) make me angry. They give every decent but ignorant person a bad idea of what a scientist is. Knobheads like that will almost never be able to be scientists because they lack imagination, they will become computer-scientists at the most.