Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013


  1. It's clearly time for her to graduate to the keg.

    I'm looking forward to stuff like this. That's if mine ends up enjoying physical stuff. I havn't decided yet whether to encourage and include her in it or just get on with it by myself and let her decide if she wants to join in.
    Everything I was encouraged in when I was a kid I gave up years ago.

  2. My son will be 15 in October. My oldest daughter is 8 and the one you see in the above video is 7. Of the three of them, the 7-year-old is the only one with any interest in being physical.

  3. I really wasn't interested until I was 22, KC. Just let them join in if they want. My 2 year old son tries to help me with my rowing work already.