Monday, June 6, 2011

Why is it every time you run somewhere some turd has to shout "Run, Forest, run!"?

First of all, "Run, Forest, run" shows a complete lack of creativity. That was a popular movie and everybody's seen it so the joke is pretty played out.

Second, who's fault is it that any of these dummies can't use their legs for anything other than waddling from one seat to another? There's nobody forcing any of them to stay out of shape. If, after high school, you decided "I'm going to sit on my ass and smoke weed for the next two decades," you've got no one to blame for yourself. Have fun with your video games and keep your lame criticisms of anyone who goes outside for anything other than a cigarette break to yourselves.

Also, the online subculture of "athletes" who don't actually play any sports and are afraid to even so much as run for a bus because it will hinder their precious strength gains. Wow, you guys are pussies.

Man, it's so funny because it was in a movie. Pop culture is hilarious because it makes me feel smart!


  1. This happened to the other day actually.

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