Sunday, June 12, 2011

14th Annual Mudcat Festival Strongman Contest

Dunnville, Ontario
June 11, 2011

I weighed in at 178 which put me in the lightweight class. That made it a pretty easy victory for me but that's okay. First place is first place and that trophy will look good on my shelf with all the rest of them. Nothing is easy, really. Not when you consider that no matter how heavy or light something is you still have to lift it more times than anybody else or move it faster than anybody else. I've done almost nothing but what the Internet considers endurance work all year so I think I did fairly well.
I've been way more focused on the Warrior Dash than I was on this contest anyway. Mostly because I've already paid for my spot in the Warrior Dash and it's non-refundable and more expensive but also because it's not like anything else I've ever trained for.


  1. Awesome man, looks like fun. I wish they did cool stuff like that where i'm from. Fucking England.