Friday, March 18, 2011

Boston Crab, son!


  1. Unlike some holds, the Boston Crab has real life application in snapping someone in half.

  2. It's a really painful hold. So is the cloverleaf hold when it's done properly. Even a half-crab can be pretty painful but anyone with strong enough legs can easily power their way out of it.
    When Chris Jericho used to do the Lion Tamer hold back in WCW it looked like an ugly variation of the Boston crab but it's actually a lot more painful when done that way. He was trained by Stu Hart so he probably knows a few really painful holds. It didn't take long in the WWE before the lion tamer became the Walls of Jericho which is just a standard Boston Crab.
    A lot of holds have been softened up by the WWE in the last 10-15 years. The ankle lock that Ken Shamrock used to do is one of the most painful holds there is. It will leave you limping for days and it's really simple to put someone in. I used to put it on kids at house parties back in high school all the time. It twists the Hell out of your knee. It's Kurt Angle's finishing hold now and the way he does it there's no leveredge whatsoever. I guarantee the person in the hold isn't feeling a thing but only somebody who has actually used it would ever be able to notice.
    Fuck, I used to put kids in school in the Boston Crab all the time. Those were the days...

  3. That's Bert Assirati giving that Boston Crab up there. One of the greatest wrestlers of all time. All 5'7" of him. The man was built like a fire hydrant. Today he seems to be best known as the guy doing the one-arm handstand in Convict Conditioning.