Sunday, July 26, 2015


What the fuck is this shit? It's fashionable now to be a nerd. This has to be some kind of cultural backlash to try and make being uncool seem like it's ok. And that's fine, but this is complete bullshit. What if something like this takes off and becomes popular? What if enough cute girls come across ads like this and think "OMG! I would totally wear that. I read books and stuff and I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE!"

What happens to actual nerds in that situation? What happens to the guy who actually has some brains to him, studies hard and takes all the advanced courses in high school? The guy who actually learns about science and doesn't just click Like on every touched up picture of outer space or quote from Neil DeGrasse Tyson. The guy who is not allowed to come anywhere near this fucking girl, never mind talk to her, without being laughed at and shoved. And what the fuck would they talk about anyway? Her favourite TV show on the Discovery channel?

Seriously, what the fuck happens to this guy?

What is he even called now? He's not cool enough to be a nerd anymore. It's not like these guys (or girls) are suddenly just going to be accepted into the popular crowd. The popular kids aren't just going to offer their hand out and bring them all up a social level because they watch some of the same movies and play some of the same video games. The concept of popularity hasn't changed. So actual nerds have, if anything, only been pushed even further down the social ladder. Now that being a "nerd" is cool, it's less cool than ever to be an actual nerd.

Granted, some of these nerds could clean up their fucking act a little bit. Stop letting their moms dress them, do some fucking push ups, kick the next person who picks on them in the balls, start talking to girls instead of jerking off to bullshit like this:

                                             Buddy, she wouldn't give you the fucking time of day in real life.

Actually stand the fuck up and declare that you're a human being and have accepted yourself for who and what you are. Stop taking so much shit from people who won't give the slightest fuck if you kill yourself. Just be overall less of a pussy. But don't let the cool kids decide shit like this for you because that will never work. You have to say "I'm good enough to be one of you." 
Not sit around with your thumb up your ass while they say "We're good enough to be a little bit like you, and cherry pick bits and pieces from your culture as we see fit, but you'd better keep your fucking distance or we'll kick the shit out of you and nobody will give a shit because you're not even a blip on the social radar."

I don't know. Maybe I don't have the answers but I sure as fuck know that neither does any goofball fashion designer.


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  2. Yeah but on the other hand people might realise liking Star Wars and Super Smash Brothers or whatever doesn't actually make you intelligent. Neither does being socially shunned.

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