Sunday, January 11, 2015

I've been trying to avoid reading or watching anything about this cartoonist ordeal that happened in France recently. Mostly because I know that whatever opinion I form on it is going to be "wrong" and not politically correct. Partially because honestly I just don't give that much of a shit. But I care about less and less all the time.

What I do know is this: people get what's coming to them. How long now has everybody known that Muslims don't like it when satirists and cartoonists fuck with Islam? And how long have we known that fundamentalist extremists will take things to an extreme level when you piss them off? Terrorist groups have been letting it be known for a long time now that if you fuck with their values and beliefs, they'll fuck with you. This newspaper in France thought they were going to be ballsy and print whatever the fuck they wanted anyhow. Well, harsh as it may, they got what they were promised for it. Simple as that.

I actually wonder now if this particular cartoonist is going to become an Atheist martyr and more "satirical" newspapers will start challenging the terrorist groups to come after them by printing insults for the rest of us to apparently laugh at. Hey, I say do what you're going to do because truthfully, when people I don't know and probably wouldn't like in real life get shot or blown up, I'm not really that affected by it. So GIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we've got assholes like Bill Maher saying that satirists should be able to make fun of anyone they want because that's what freedom of speech is for. Is it? Is that really what freedom of speech is for? To make fun of people? I don't know. But I don't know much. I know that Bill Maher strikes me as the type of pussy who would beg for his life if you so much as shoved him into a chair. He and the rest of his like-minded satirists definitely should exercise their freedom of speech and keep picking on people who will come back with serious violence in retribution. As a matter of fact I'm all for that now that I think about it.

I could be totally wrong here but I imagine the workplace environment of a satirical newspaper to be a bunch of office fags. Geeks. People who lacked the necessary skill set to fit in as children and were most likely picked on for it. Now they disguise their bitterness as humour. And that's fine. But there are consequences in real life and the consequences in this case are no secret. They've been well known for a long time. If these satirists are going to keep doing what they do, they'll need to accept those consequences and adjust their own lifestyles to reflect that. Better get yourself a carry permit and learn how to use a weapon because there are people in the demographic you've chosen here to make the rest of us laugh at who won't eat your shit without spitting some back in your face. And if these satirists are willing to accept those consequences then good for them. Make all the jokes and cartoons you want. But if they're going to act like little bitches every time they get physically attacked and expect us all to demand that an entire culture disband its faith over it, then they can fuck right off.

If some little square motherfucker who thought he was funny and clever wouldn't stop making jokes about me despite numerous warnings and threats, I'd sooner or later make good on one of those threats and punch the little shit in the jaw. That's how real life works. But if he didn't mind getting punched in the jaw once in a while or grew enough balls that I actually start thinking twice before throwing that next punch for fear of eating one or two myself, then I guess I'd have to live with being a public mockery. That's also how life works. Fuck around, get fucked up.

I think both sides are fucked here. The sooner this civilization collapses on itself the better.


  1. My problem with what is going on is certain groups of people seem to be able to get away with acting like savages when the rest of the people that try and defend themselves are looked at as racists or bigots. France the police don't even carry guns. Can you imagine the police in the U.S. not having guns everyone in the inner cities would soon extinguish themselves. People should be allowed to say what they want but the liberals and bleeding hearts might want to know that they will be called on it.

    No one deserves to be massacred for drawing cartoons. But the Pollitical bullshit in the world has gone to far and everyone is afraid of offending Homos, women, blacks, transsexuals, illegal immigrants people on welfare Islam and any other religion. But for white Christians it's open season. My take is to stop turning the other cheek and deal with people the way they need to be dealt with!

    And why is it that blacks are to be called African American? If you were born in the US you are just American. If not maybe we should all be classified by our ancestor y Irish American, Scottish American, Italian American, German American, Russian American it's such bull shit

  2. Policemen in France carry guns. I was in Paris about a year ago and there were cops with regular sidearms, as well as with MPs at the main trainstation.

    Also, I thought the same when the news hit. The nerdy little satirists were in no position to pick on people like that. If the same satirists would've been a bunch of 200+ pound fuckers with carry permits and a decent punch, the whole thing might have looked different.

    I'm quite disgusted with my fellow countrymen and how they roll on their backs for the muslims. I don't blame the muslims, they just see an easy mark...