Saturday, January 10, 2015

Geeks are lame

A lot of geeks like to whine about how they were allegedly persecuted as children for being smart. That's ridiculous. It's geek propaganda. Meant to make you feel sorry for them while at the same time being in awe of their self-proclaimed intellectual superiority. As a whole, they're actually no smarter than any other social demographic and contrary to apparent popular belief, no one ever got beat up for being smart.

Nobody ever got beat up for watching Star Trek or reading comic books either. If you were genuinely a geek, trust me, nobody gave a flying fuck what your interests or hobbies were. Never mind judging you for them. Lots of people like science fiction and fantasy, not just geeks. Just like lots of people find technology fascinating and cool. Lots of people did homework and studied for exams. None of this "smart" shit was the exclusive domain of geeks and it doesn't even make sense that anyone could ever be bothered beating somebody up for any of it.

Geeks get beat up because they're lame. They're so chickenshit and fucked in the head that they'd literally rather wait for someone or something to come and rescue them from a beatdown than simply hit back like any regular person. That or they're so physically weak that hitting back doesn't even matter. And help rarely comes. The people kicking your ass weren't stupid enough to do it where anyone who might do something about it was likely to be around or looking. You think teachers give a shit about the kid that gets beat up every day? They've got better things to do. Grow some balls and put in your own work. You got beat up because you were a pussy. And nobody cared because you were ugly, awkward and weak. In other words, socially unacceptable. Unnecessary at the very least. When you weren't getting picked on you were probably invisible. Beatings are the only attention a lame ass chickenshit wimp can hope to generate.

So next time you think you were picked on because all the big, dumb jocks were jealous of your bad ass brains, think again. You're not even all that bright.

Taken at a GWAR show about a month ago. That's me at the very left. 
The most ruthless mosh pit I've ever been in.

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