Saturday, December 27, 2014


Intelligence has lost most of its value in this day and age. It becomes very difficult to find anything genuine in it anymore. It's just another claim. So many self-proclaimed smart people are nothing more than the equivalent of that pussy who hung around with the tough guys back in the 90s and demanded that all the geeks recognise him as tough. All the while never really proving himself to either side. People consider each other smart now by comparing who and what they agree with. It's not about individual efficiency of thought or creativity by any means. It's definitely not about imagination as that's been getting systematically stamped out for some time now. All you have to do is Like the same shit that other allegedly smart people are Liking and you're in. Better yet, just make fun someone or some group for being stupid and get as many people as you can to agree with you. Boom, you just became smart. Never mind education. Just publicly Like the school you would have ideally gone to if you were actually smart and no one will know any different. They won't even think any different. Nobody thinks anymore. Thinking is just something people talk about now. A relic to be appreciated from a bygone age, but never actually indulged in for fear of identifying yourself as the phony that you are.
I've got nothing against actual smart people, but phony smart people need to have their shit kicked out of them. Simple as that.

This genius wouldn't know what to do with himself without his precious tech.
His memes are EPIC!

Hmmm... Is he really a sapiosexual, or does he just have a thing for pretty girls who wear glasses?
Sapiosexual makes him sound way smarter. His profile should reflect that.

Uh-oh, looks like somebody learned how to fight on Youtube.
I'll bet he sure was smart though.


  1. no one thinks for themselves. people were physically and mentally weak

  2. I agree with you all the time, does that make me wrong?