Thursday, December 25, 2014


Why aren't we building pyramids right now? With so many people demanding that we all worship the majesty of our modern science and technology what is it that's holding us back from building pyramids of our own? Who decided that all of our buildings should be squares and rectangles? Fuck rectangles! Rectangles are bullshit. You fly a plane into a rectangle and the whole fucking thing comes crashing down. Pyramids are permanent. They last hundreds of thousands of years. Maybe even millions of years. Mind you I also don't understand why terrorists don't attack the great pyramids in Egypt. It might be because they're useless and destroying them would serve no purpose. Who cares? Fuck the pyramids anyway. Maybe they were something cool in a previous civilization where resources were unlimited and there was only one continent. The continents breaking apart probably has a lot to do with humans killing each other over trivial differences in philosophy. We could have been killing each other over things that actually mattered and building permanently solid structures like pyramids that we knew were going to last forever because what's the fucking point of building anything that isn't? People are idiots. They were probably way smarter back then. Less brainwashed anyway. Dinosaur meat was probably good for you. I'd love to eat dinosaurs. Why aren't reptiles growing this big anymore? Are they just not living long enough anymore? I've got too many questions. I'm trying to type as fast as I can think but it's not really working. Typos really piss me off and when I see one I have to fix it straight away. It slows down the flow. Once it stops it can stop for minutes at a time and you might never get it back again. Speaking of pissing me off I think I might beat the shit out of someone soon. I know that I shouldn't but I also know that this story ends the same way every time so it's coming one way or another. I didn't ask to be a sociopath. I don't know. So many people just don't like leaving me the fuck alone. I get the impression sometimes that there are guys who, deep down, really want to get punched out by me out of simple curiosity. I think they really want to find out how long it will take before I do it and how long they're going to last once I do. Whatever. I tried to be a normal person but the world won't let me. I tried to put violence behind me but the truth is I'm actually pretty comfortable with it as a regular part of my life. My foot is slowly getting better. The imbalances in my hips and lower back that come from being one one leg for so many months and then limping since then have left my legs relatively weak. That weakness won't last though. I've been weak before and I've been strong before. I've been back and forth more than once and I have to say honestly that I like strong way better. That preference alone means that eventually I'll be way ahead of the average person again in terms of strength, stamina and speed. It's funny that the average person seems have no idea whatsoever just how weak he is. These guys think they"know how to fight" because, fuck, I don't know, they've seen some good movies or some shit. This is real life though. You can fuck off with your movies. For years I tried to crush any violent thoughts in my mind. I wouldn't let myself daydream about beating the shit out of people around me because I "knew" it was "wrong." I'm not so sure it is anymore though. I never thought it was when I was younger. I used to really enjoy smashing people. It was part of how I expressed myself. Then I got into this mindset that I shouldn't be that way anymore because people don't like being picked on and beat up. As years go by though, it occurs to me more and more that it's them or me. When I'm not fucking with people, people are fucking with me. Then I'm reminded that I spent the majority of my childhood drilling martial arts and working out so that I could be the one doing the fucking and not them. Who the fuck do people think they are? Do you know how disgusting it is to look a person in the eyes whom you know you could kill with your bare hands and just allow them to insult you? Not just that but a person who you don't even have to kill or even knock out. Someone you can literally beat to tears and just throw him around like a rag doll or twist him into a pretzel for as long as you like until it gets boring. See right about now is where I would remind myself that thoughts like this are bullying and bullying is not cool. I'm not doing that anymore. I'd rather let my mind unwind again and let nature take it's course. Somebody wants a round? Give him what he wants. If I was in charge of all this technology I'd be putting up some pyramids. Serious ones. Way bigger than any of the ones that are already up. I might even knock those ones down. I don't give a shit how much space they'd take up or how much resources they would consume. Fuck this planet. I'll happily watch this whole world crumble and burn. I want to see mushroom clouds before I die. I've been waiting for them all my life. And looting looks like fun.


  1. You are a maniac! I have been called a sociopath. And as far as violence goes if I didn't learn to control it I would have been in jail. I have been called a Dark Monster. Love your blogs!

  2. I've thought for years if I was in charge I would replace the dole with jobs digging tunnels between countries and building artificial islands, I hadn't thought of pyramids.