Sunday, July 7, 2013


It always makes me laugh whenever "functional" fanatics take that odd form of pride in alledgedly not giving a shit what they look like, physique-wise.

"Who cares what you look like? It's all about what you can lift!"

They don't want to look like bodybuilders though. Bodybuilding is evil. They'd rather look like powerlifters. Or strongmen. Or Olympic lifters. Or their favourite MMA fighter. It doesn't matter though, what you look like, apparently. As long as it's not like a bodybuilder. Or a marathon runner. Or someone who doesn't squat. Etcetera.

Fuck that. I say you're not even big until you're "too big."

Everyone afraid of getting too big should immediately google the Pain Olympics for further instructions on how best to proceed with their lives. At the very least they should stop lifting weights and they never should have started in the first place. Yeah, everybody's got their own goals, blah blah blah. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!


  1. "That gorilla at the top has major imbalances. only one of those traps looks tree-swinging."

  2. Yeah, he's clearly a loser. Most apes are.