Friday, April 27, 2012

Why can't there be gyms like this everywhere?

I've had a recurring dream for years now where I'll just happen to come across a gym in some random location and have it all to myself. This video reminded me of it.


  1. Totally unfunctional training. I bet that guy loses all his fights.

  2. Probably. Still looks like a fun gym though. A gym like that is like a playground. I don't think I'd want to train there every day because that equipment actually looks really shitty but it would be fun to fuck around there for an entire afternoon just once.

  3. I think the gym looks pretty cool but the guy is a massive faggot.

    Look at the way he punches, you can't be the toughguy hitting the tires when you hit them like your testicles and knuckles were put on the wrong way round.

    Look at the way he lifts up the big hammer OK, then just lets it fall onto the target. Maybe this guy's afraid of hurting his tire's feelings?

    He's a fucking massive faggot and his "underarmor" won't protect him catching the AIDs.

  4. Shit song too. I usually watch Youtube on mute.