Monday, April 16, 2012

If "all it takes is one person to stand up," what are you waiting for?

If "all it takes is one person to stand up," what are you waiting for? Stand the fuck up! This whole thing disgusts me but probably not for the same politically correct reasons as everybody else. I want the pencil-neck dweeb to stand up for himself instead of waiting for the rest of the world to do it for him.
Somewhere near the beginning of the above movie trailer it 's mentioned that a kid killed himself because he couldn't handle being bullied anymore. Know what that accomplishes? Nothing! Sweet fuck all. The bullies who tormented him might feel some shock at the guilt trip imposed on them in the aftermath but it will be short-lived. Some of the girls at the dead kid's school might even post his picture on Facebook with some half-assed quip about how bullying sucks and demand that all their "friends" share it if they hate bullying. Meanwhile they did nothing to help the situation while this kid was still alive.
I don't understand opting for suicide before even attempting revenge. If he was going to kill himself anyway, what did he have to lose? You don't need to bring a deadly weapon to school and get yourself locked up but you could at least get your fists in front of your face and if somebody wants to beat you up, make him earn it. Trip your bully from behind in the bathroom and stomp on his hands. If he beats you up he beats you up; you would have got beaten up anyway.
Martial arts training should be mandatory in schools from a young age. I can understand that not everybody wants to be a fighter, but everybody should at least know how to fight. Pacifism is only something to be respected when it's an individual's personal choice. When a person gets beat up because he has no concept of how to defend himself or he's too afraid to hit back then that's not a choice. That's just weakness and weakness can be eliminated as long as it's caught early enough.
Learn to fight. Teach your kids to fight and bullying won't have to be such an issue. Nobody should have to feel like a hopeless victim. When you're capable of smashing someone's face with your bare hands you're no longer hopeless. Level the playing field. Make everybody equally dangerous and the world might be a far less dangerous place.


  1. This post and the last one overlap on the issue that all the wrong people are having kids.

    Further-more, there is a stupid dichotomy into kids who study hard and kids who maintain a decent level of fitness. Usually they realise the error of their ways during puberty.

  2. Had the kid even attempted revenge, he probably wouldn't have killed himself. Taken a shit kicking? yes.

  3. There are a lot worse things than shit kickings.