Friday, March 9, 2012

Everybody Loves Hatred

Hatred is always trendy. It's the one thing that everybody universally loves. Regardless of culture or upbringing, there's no one who doesn't enjoy having something to hate. The trend used to be to hate different races and sexual orientations. That's not "cool" anymore. Now it's cool to hate religion and politics. Everyone's happier when they've got something to be pissed off about.


  1. I think I was ~19 before I realised being cynical and spiteful didn't make you clever or superior: If one guy's happy and another's not and both die some day regardless, which one of them needs to sort their life out?

  2. That's a good point. A lot of people cultivate their own misery and then wonder why they're so miserable, usually long after it's too late to do much about it.

    What I'm finding recently, and I'll admit that this is an online trend much moreso than in real life, is that everybody wants to spread this message of acceptance and non-hatred BUT these same people will tirelessly criticize non-Atheists and anyone with any political affiliation whatsoever. I just find it interesting that if you mock any other minority group you'll be seen as a hatemonger and most likely portrayed as stupid and uneducated. But pick on any given religion (other than Atheism) or any political party of your choice or even "the government" in general and it's like you're the next great motivational speaker getting LIKEs and pats on the back from all his online buddies. It's an acceptable form of hate in this day and age. Politically correct hatred, which is strange because politics are one of the things that we're currently allowed to hate with impunity.

  3. Churches and governments are seen as authority figures, despite any white man who supports one of either basically doing it out of his own free will and neither really stopping us doing something that we ought to.
    Nobody really cares much about any political issue, probably not more than their favorite TV show anyway, and the parties are pretty similar, and the same goes for Abrahamic religions who bend time after time to popular opinion, so people are left only with a collective idea that it was good to know You were right and They were wrong, and since you are neither politician nor cleric; just pretend to hate all politicians and all clerics and anyone with a genuine opinion on any issue outside of your effortless and perhaps meaningless weekly routine.