Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Practice Tonight

Normally Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights are for the little kids but with last night being Boxing Day the gym was closed. So the little kids trained tonight with us.

Wow. I've never seen so much boundless energy wasted. That's a bit harsh. Some of these kids are absolute machines. One little guy with an afro was running laps around everybody and didn't seem to get tired at all. Thing is, even with all that energy they sure do whine and groan a lot.

"Oh, more pushups? Ohhhh!"

If only these kids had any idea what it's like to not have that energy anymore and have to really work at it. It makes me wish I'd gotten into this sport a lot earlier. I dabbled in wrestling in the sixth grade but unfortunately none of the schools I went to after that had a wrestling team so I never got the chance to get really serious about that sport. That's too bad because I really do believe I would have been good at that one. In high school I competed in taekwondo and did a tournament every two months. Sometimes every month. I also played a ridiculous amount of ball hockey but being Canadian that almost doesn't even count. We all play ball hockey. Then of course there was strongman which I did for about 10 years. But nothing I've done so far compares to boxing. Especially for what it costs. My gym is only $25 cash per month. No contracts or anything and you get exactly what you put into it.


  1. Boxing is a dope sport.


  2. I want to be able to punch like that. I'm fairly quick and getting quicker but I tend to not throw combinations of more than three punches at a time right now.

    Footwork and head movement are weaknesses for me right now as well. Taekwondo footwork is different from boxing because the ranges are almost opposite and head movement isn't really stressed in that sport.

    When I first started sparring in boxing I was curious as to how hard of a shot I could take. I'm not curious about that anymore. Now I want to develop the ability to not get hit. Boxing is not like a fight in a parking lot. You can't grab the guy and throw him down when you get tired. It's easy to win a bar fight on strength alone but it's nowhere near the same advantage in the ring. Agility and stamina are way more important.

  3. Are you done competing in Strongman?

  4. OT: I just want Manny Pacquiao to punch me just once. After a wake up I would have him sign my face! Watch this cool vid of Manny Pacquiao murdering the heavy bags at the official Manny Pacquiao Youtube Channel now!