Wednesday, November 30, 2011

York Dumbbell Courses

York Course Five, Heavy Dumbbells

1. Hammer Curls, two dumbbells
2. Two Dumbbell Press
3. Two Dumbbell Swing
4. Bent Arm Pullover with two dumbbells
5. Side Bend with one dumbbell
6. Deep Knee Bend and Press with two dumbbells
7. Bent Over Row with one dumbbell
8. Bench or Floor Press
9. Calf Raise holding one dumbbell
10. Clean & Press
11. Sit Up on Bench holding one dumbbell
12. Overhead Squat holding two dumbbells

York Course Eight, One Heavy Dumbbell

1. Windmill Exercise (if bell is overhead in right hand, touch right foot with left hand)
2. Reverse Concentration Curl
3. Normal Concentration Curl
4. One Arm Clean & Press
5. One Arm Swing
6. Upright Row
7. One Hand Military Press (heels together)
8. One Hand Swing with Split
9. One Hand Snatch
10. Side Press
11. Bent Over Row
12. Side Bend
Wondering how many sets and reps you should do? Guess what, numbnuts, I don't give a shit how many sets and reps you do. Just do it.


  1. Does this give me big forearms?

  2. I don't know, does it? Figure it out.

  3. Nobody even knows what a swing is.
    You're gonna get a bunch of pussies flailing with kettlebells calling it a 'swing.'

  4. My forearms are slightly bigger.