Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Fitness Industry thrives on Hate

 A friend of mine linked this page on Facebook. Twenty-one people having more fun in the gym than this broad.
My foot's broken right now so I've got a lot of time to sit still. So I wasted some of that time letting it piss me off and ranting about it.

This sort of thing is a big part of the reason I stopped training in gyms. What gets me about pages like that is that they're clearly written by people who suck at working out and have become bitter about it because they'll always suck.

It may seem like sour grapes but the fact is it ends up being people like me who get pressured away from gyms so that haters like this can have them for themselves. And for what? Just so they can find more and more shit to hate about everybody else there. 

The girl with makeup. What?! Who the fuck cares?

The guy who tries to lift "too much." Fuck off. Who are you to judge? If you want to be strong, sometimes you're going to fail some lifts.

The person texting between sets. Unless I was waiting for the squat rack I never cared what anybody did between sets.

Personal trainers. I never needed one so they used to leave me alone.

The overachiever. Jealous? Guess what, haters, the "over-achievers" are not even aware that you exist. You're invisible to us. Pylons. It's not because we don't like you, you just don't matter.

The addict. The addict is even less aware of you. Some people actually like working out and go to the gym because that's where the weights are.

The know-it-all. Ok, nobody likes a know-it-all. Gym setting or otherwise.

Person trying to talk while you're wearing headphones. Seriously?

Person taking selfies. I can't comment here because these people didn't exist yet when I was still training in gyms.

The couple. Boo-fucking-hoo. So you can't get in shape and you can't get laid either.

The person who just goes to stretch. How does anybody even have the spare time to notice this? Fuck, go lift something. Never mind who's stretching.

The person who forgot to wear clothes. Whatever. I don't like clothes. Hate all you want.

The person rocking her new Lululemon. I don't even know what this is.

The person who forgot to wear deodorant. I've probably been this person, but in my defense I can't smell myself. Anyway I used to go to gyms to lift weights. If I had gone to just hang out and hate I wouldn't have sweat so much but I also would have been a loser.

Creepy guys watching girls from the back. I can't relate to this one either because I never did group classes. I was too busy lifting weights and minding my own business and being hated on for it. 


Old naked people. Get over it for fuck sake.

People who don't wipe off machines. Wipe it your goddamn self.

People who only go the beginning of January. Ummmm... So?

Person taking enough space for three people. Fuck off! Grow some fucking balls. You want space, take it. If you can't take it, it was never meant to be yours.

The noise maker. This is me right here. I make a lot of noise. I'm also pound for pound one of the strongest steroid-free lifters in Ontario so I'm obviously doing something right. Put your fucking headphones on. You won't need to worry about me talking to you, I'm busy.

The socialiser. The haters might have friends too if they did anything other than bitch about what everyone else in the gym is doing.

Honestly, 21? This bitch narrowed it down to 21. That means before she narrowed it down she must have had more than 30 different archetypes that she just couldn't stand at the gym. Seems to me that she just doesn't like going to the gym. There's a simple solution to that. Don't fucking go. Leave it for the people who actually want to be there.

The fitness industry caters more to the people who hate working out and hate anyone who likes working out than it does to the ones who actually enjoy it. 

I don't even know why people like this join gyms. Or why they feel the need to work out at all. They'd clearly be happier doing something else. Health reasons seems like the obvious reason. First thing I thought of anyway. Like their last doctor's appointment didn't go so well so now they're going to get in shape by joining a health club. It's not healthy for you though if it's stressing you out that much.

Motivation seems to be very popular right now. Everybody wants to motivate each other to work out. Not me. Not with everybody anyway. I say if you don't want to work out don't I'd rather talk those people out of working out. Find a hobby you enjoy instead. Kind of like I did when I started lifting weights as a teenager. 



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  1. I never ever trained in a gym that offered a personal trainer. All Iron gyms were where powerlifters, weight lifters, arm wrestlers, football players etc. No bullshit gyms. I actually went and became a certified personal trainer and after seeing all the fat, non athletic weak people also become certified is when I decided I would never ever get certified again. I moved from the gym to our own garage gym called the "Dungeon" with about 3,000lbs in Olympic plates an 8' power rack made with angle iron and diamond plate floor, hack squat machine etc no heat no fans a brutal training environment. I had to answer to no one or ever had to wait to use the equipment!