Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You should have gone to class.

This stupid fucking shirt has started making the rounds on Facebook again. Wow.

I had at least one semester of high school where I did two phys ed classes. I got high almost every day and even went to class drunk a few times. I'm at the very least as dumb as I look and I was eventually kicked out of high school for fighting. And yet somehow I still managed to absorb all the shit that's on that T-shirt. And when I framed houses for a while after high school I'd use the Pythagorean theorem every time I needed to build an outside corner. So it was hardly useless despite what the shirt is trying to imply.

Some people seriously need to pull their shit together and lay off the conspiracies for a while. Holy fuck. School was what you made of it.


  1. Last time you wrote about this I pointed out the bible verse indicating that pi was three. I found a further analysis of those lines which argues that their value of pi might be 3.14 from the measurements they give:
    If we assume that the geometry of the time was not sufficient to work this out, then it must have been based on a real measurement of a real object.

  2. The bible also says you should wash your hands under running water. Something the rest of the world didn't catch onto until much later.