Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Getting Up Off The Couch

I have a certification in standing up off the couch. I've held off on giving them out to anyone else because, quite frankly, this is top secret stuff and I'm very tempted to keep it to myself.

But for a limited time I will be selling a 10-page booklet which contains all my notes and diagrams collected on the subject over a period of more than 30 years (a $99 value)

Also for a limited time, you can upgrade to my book and DVD package (a $999 value)
The DVD contains live, real-time demonstrations of most of my advanced techniques, along with tips on avoiding injury and various progressions from beginner to intermediate to advanced. There is also a section containing several routines with detailed explanations on sets, repetitions, and exercise combinations.

For a limited time you can get all this for just $29.99 for the book only or $299.99 for the book and DVD.

If you're really lucky, my fingerprints will be on it (a $99 value). But for an extra $25.00, I'll sign the fucking thing (a $999 value).
You'll be able to show it off to your friends!

The above offer is not actually real. Feel free to send me cash, cheques or money orders but do understand that you will receive nothing in return.


  1. That picture made me laugh for a good 5 minutes, well played.

  2. I guess Glen must be working on his ebook?