Thursday, April 11, 2013

One Hundred Push Ups with PERFECT FORM!

I'll most likely take a lot of shit for this video (that is if anyone actually sees it) but the fact is it will only come from geeks who are still stuck in the 30-70 rep range when it comes to pushups. It should go without saying that they can all fuck right off. I welcome the criticism anyhow. Their hatred only makes me stronger.

Most people nowadays don't really know what pushups are for. My goal here isn't to win the prettiest range of motion award. My goal is power, endurance, conditioning and speed. So I do my pushups as fast as I can and stop well short of lockout. Admittedly, before seeing this video myself I always thought I was coming a bit closer to lockout on each rep than I am but whatever. I'm getting what I want out of it either way.

Everyone at McGrory's Boxing Club did them this way. I've seen training footage of US Navy SEALs doing them this way. I do them this way and you should do them this way too. It probably wouldn't hurt to come up a bit higher but locking out at the top of every rep is totally unnecessary and will only slow you down.

These came at the end of today's workout. The rest of which consisted of Jefferson Squats and Deadlifts, both done with a two-inch thick barbell. That's the only barbell I have right now and I have no squat rack so all the heavy lifting I do involves some element of grip work. That's not such a bad thing though because my back has been fucking with me for months. The grip disadvantage keeps the weights a bit lower for the time being. That's how I'm rationalising it anyway.

So there you go, kids, and go fuck yourselves. And do some push ups.


  1. I spent most of the time trying to figure out what your girl was up to. You could probably pump out 200 if you went from 6" ROM to 3".

  2. Not mention the speed will negatively effect the joints locking out. Training slow has it's place, but in my world I want to train my body the way life is, unpredictable.

  3. I do mine that way. F everyone else

  4. I think the most I've ever done is 150. I plan on eventually doing 200.

  5. Whatever youre doing, it's obviously working.

    My main complaint about this article is that you really need to step it up with the picture collages. Yours are awesome and you just don't do enough of them!

    Stop slacking...