Friday, July 27, 2012

Lets nuke the moon.

I'm watching (well, listening to) youtube videos about the moon right now. Conspiracy theories about what the moon might actually be. An elaborate spaceship, a broken off chunk of the Earth, an artificial, hollow "Noah's Ark of intelligence," a base of operation for alien observers, etc.
I've always just assumed that the moon has always been there. There's never been any mention that I know of throughout history that the moon wasn't there at any point or that it just showed up.
Why does the moon exist? Is there some reason for it? Does its gravity somehow help maintain Earth's orbit around or distance from the sun? What does the other side of it look like?
I think we should nuke the moon. Why not? What better way to establish our dominance over the entire universe than to destroy such a recogiseable part of it? Fuck the moon. I want it gone, now.

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