Saturday, June 16, 2012

Remember Twister...?

Remember Twister? I used to be good at that game. I was good at Stretch too; that game where someone throws a knife in the ground and you have to reach it with your foot and then stay in that position until you can stick it in the ground yourself. It's one of those games you either recognise or never played. Anyway, most of us played twister when we were kids. That game was great.

I wonder if it's considered more of an extreme sport nowadays than a game. I'd like to see a group of kids play that game now. You'd probably have to have paramedics on hand. Every turn would come with the sound of joints loudly popping and every round would end with someone being carried out on a stretcher, screaming in pain.

I'd love every minute of it.

I would still dominate at that game too. I feel like playing it now.

I haven't done the splits between chairs like VanDamme in a long time now. I think I'm going to do that soon.


  1. Maybe you could get a world record in the Van Dam lift?

  2. In your pictures your house looks as much of a shithole as mine.

    I don't have kids but I live with my wife. My possessions amount to one shelf of books, 3 drawers of clothes and a corner of one room has my exercise equipment in it. Her stuff literally fills the rest of the flat. I could roll out of bed and not touch the floor because of the piles of clothes surrounding the thing. When I want to work out I have to spend about 10 minutes piling boxes up and finding places for weird shit that I don't even know what it is. It does make it interesting though. You have to be spatially aware in this environment. I can't make a mistake when I'm lifting or the bar would go crashing through loads of crap. If you can work out in my home you can do it anywhere.

  3. 'In your pictures your house looks as much of a shithole as mine.' - Ha ha, well I bet that remark made Glens day!

    Basically though, the rest of your comment almost sounds like a cry for help. You sound totally dominated by your wife, and not in a good way. Have you thought of just fucking her off? I mean, it's not like you've got any kids to worry about, so just put her straight. Tell her to tidy the fuck up or she's out, and also to get in the kitchen and make your dinner, then tell her to get her fucking knickers off and prepare for re-entry.

  4. I never saw that crunch before. I went to try it...

    ...and the light post I did it on had a hornets in it, just below my ass!

  5. I got stung right on the end of my pisshole once while I was moving a barbecue. One of the worst experiences of my life.

    My house is like most of everything else in my life. Deceptively organized chaos.

  6. How the fuck did you manage that? Were your barbecuing at a nudist colony?