Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Internet is crushing you.

I can't wait to see how apathetic, lethargic and self-absorbed our society is in 20 years. It's going to be great. We've got a bunch of clowns now who want to overthrow the government but have no concept whatsoever of how to govern themselves or even how a government works or why it exists. They want to abolish religion because of all the horrible things religious people apparently do, but have never even looked inside a bible, torah or qur'an and would never chance being caught reading one for fear that it would make them uncool. They don't want to be told what to do and yet they'll expect their own retarded demands to be bowed to simply because they "occupy" some space and bitch and whine for shit they don't even comprehend or deserve.

As it is now the majority of kids under 30 years old are what you call aliterate. That means that they can read but they choose not to. And I'm talking about books, not blogs. Web logs and social media sites like facebook, twitter and whatever else are so full of typos, spelling errors and overall grammatical languorousness that they can hardly be considered reading. Not to mention that they're all nothing more than the narcissistic ramblings of self-obsessed assholes (I don't consider this blog any better either). Well, that's why sooner rather than later, aliteracy is going to become straight up illiteracy. Books will be considered an outdated thing of the past just like cassette tapes.

I used to have this tape.

Attention spans will become so short that people will probably not even watch TV anymore and if they do they'll be more in tune with the commercials than the actual shows. Not that it matters because their fat, pumpkin-shaped faces will be glued to their hand-held media devices the entire time anyway. Pumping their brains full of the alternative reality / fantasy universe that is "The Internet."

This is going to be, quite possibly, the most decadent, weakest most lameass culture that civilization has ever produced. Anyone outside of it who wants something from it will be able to just walk right in and take it any time they choose.

Maybe you're wondering what my plan is to prevent any of this. Well, outside the realm of preparing my own children to (hopefully) thrive in it, nothing. I don't plan on doing anything at all. This world is not mine to change or to fix. I'm going to sit back and watch it all go to ruins and I'm going to say I told you so when the time comes. I suppose that makes me part of the problem and so be it. I welcome that, actually. I wish I could crush this whole planet under my fist. Eat it and shit it back out. Then walk away from it like it never meant anything to me in the first place.

I want to watch people starve because they never learned even the most rudimentary skills of self-preservation. I want to see mushroom clouds. Really, I just wanted an excuse to post that football gif, it's fucking hilarious.


  1. So you mean to say your children are learning Chinese?

  2. They probably should learn to speak Chinese. Read and write in Chinese too.
    Really, I just want to keep them away from "social media" for as long as I can. The stupidity that it causes is contagious as far as I can tell and if left undetected and untreated for too long it becomes irreversible.
    I don't like what passes for activism on social media websites like facebook nowadays either. Everybody wants to save the world by sharing pictures and cute little paragraphs. These are the same dickheads who want to see Atheism become the world's dominant religion and will shamelessly mock anyone prays for world peace and yet they'll sit around doing something equally as useless collecting "Likes" on their facebook page.
    Problems don't get solved anymore. They get talked about. To take action of any kind inevitably hurts someone's feelings and that wouldn't be "cool."
    The closest thing to action anyone's willing to take anymore is to set up an impromptu campsite somewhere and just sit around in their own garbage passing bongs back and forth while they bitch about things they don't come anywhere close to comprehending. Then when they finally get forced to leave they bitch about that too.
    Force is awesome. Force gets shit done. Violence is amazing. It's beautiful.
    I can't wait to watch this Occupy generation take over the world and run it into the ground because they have no actual skills or knowledge beyond running their mouths on social media websites. Let them abolish government, religion, big business and every other thousands-of-years-old establishment that they can. Give them their little temporary sense of power and then watch the whole thing implode when they can't for the life of them figure out what to do next. It's going to be fantastic; the misery of it all. A spoiled child gets what it wants and then casts it aside.
    Anybody remember who Joseph Kony was? I sure as Hell don't.