Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Warrior Dash in Barrie this weekend

Is anybody else going to this? Should be fun. I'm racing in the 11:00 wave.


  1. I hope you wear a viking helmet pink wings and cartwheel through the fire

  2. Well, there goes the weekend, how'd that shit go?

  3. For my age group I managed 336th out of 927.
    Overall result was 2376th out of 9813. Again, not bad.
    Could have done a lot worse. The race was a lot of fun and I'm planning on doing it again next year.

    Unfortunately my wife's blood sugar went really high and she got a bad case of sun stroke about half an hour after I finished the race. We ended up spending the rest of the day in the first aid tent and then the hospital so I didn't get in on much of the festivities afterward.
    The RVH hospital in Barrie is without a doubt the shittiest hospital ever. After being in the first aid tent at the Warrior Dash for two or three hours they finally made the decision to hook up an IV for her dehydration. I guess they're not actually supposed to do that but she wasn't getting any better and one or two of the paramedics there were qualified to do it. But, no sooner than they finally made that decision, the ambulance showed up. It was very late, alledgedly because of traffic. Funny, there was no traffic at all on the way back to the hospital. So anyway, since this ambulance was there they didn't hook up the IV because it was assumed that would happen at the hospital. When we got there they took her off of the stretcher and put her in a wheelchair. Since she had thrown up she was told not to drink any water. We then sat in the waiting room for another five hours. No IV hooked up, no water, no blanket when we asked for one. My wife went through several sobbing fits because of the pain she was in and was ignored every time. Somebody told me that his own wife had had a miscarriage once in that same waiting room and all they gave her was some wipes. As a type one diabetic, my wife should have been made a priority instead of being ignored for hours. They could have hooked up an IV on the wheelchair; she didn't even need a bed or a room. Eventually I badgered them into reluctantly letting her have some water in the form of ice chips. She started to feel a little bit better after that so we told the "nurse" behind the desk that we'd had enough of this bullshit and were leaving.
    "OK," she says, barely even looking up.
    Didn't make us sign anything or try to convince us to stay at all. I've never seen such a lazy, useless hospital staff. Talking to somebody outside while we were waiting for a cab (the guy whose wife had had the miscarriage before), it sounds like the two shifts at that hospital hate each other and constantly argue and fight over who has to do what and try to fuck each other over. It's apparently not uncommon for people to walk out of the emergency waiting room because of how long they make you sit there.
    If you ever get hurt or sick in Barrie, Ontario, don't go to the RVH. The staff there are worthless pieces of shit who would rather let you die in the waiting room or the hallway then help you. The service there is a cruel joke. Fuck the RVH!

    The Warrior Dash itself (what I did experience of it) was great though. Anybody who likes beer, meat and scantily-clad girls walking around covered in mud should definitely go.

    I've already pre-registered for the Tough Mudder in Toronto next year.

  4. Hey Glenn,

    long time since I read your blog. Question for you, would you be able to do a post on your fore-arm training? I once read you did over 50 reps a set with wristcurl?


  5. I do a lot of reps on most of the exercises I do. I wrote a short piece on wrist curls for Jamie Lewis' Chaos and Pain blog a few months ago. It's probably not that hard to find if you look. Strengthening your wrist is important because it's the weak link in most people's arms. You'll never throw a punch worth a shit with weak wrists. Strengthen them in all directions. Start light, do a lot of reps and work upward from there.

  6. Thanks, always eager to try new stuff.
    Brick-gripping and hammer-levering just got boring after a while, so thanks for the new ideas!

  7. it is getting worst and worst more everywhere in gta now